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Welcome to the Pr Manager website dedicated to corporate communications. 

True essential tool for businesses, corporate relationships or actions of external relations are, you know, an effective weapon in your medium or long term strategy. 

PR Manager means skilled in the art of communication influence. Increasingly, in our time of médiactivité, as Jean Francois Variot, advertising, it is essential to provide answers to the interactions related to new media.

They bring together the traditional media such as print, or audio-visual but also new ones such as social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc ...)
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Since the arrival of the Internet, what change & nbsp!; & nbsp; The company was upset, PR too. The exchanges are increasingly numerous. All stakeholders or stakeholders react faster, interact and develop their communication tools. Labour relations have been invaded by email or collaborative platforms. 5:00 to manage incoming emails for average setting. PR Manager, brings you advice and mobilizes to find or create your communication needs with action not the arrival of the Internet but by its exponential growth.
WEB 2.0 et RP
PR Manager is based in Cannes, the Mecca of international communication events.
  • The professional international market for retail real estate.
  • The International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) is the main event for business-to-business industry for luxury travel.
  • The International Festival of Games
  • MIPTV : L’événement incontournable pour les professionnels des contenus audiovisuels
  • The Cannes Film Festival

un site exeptionnel pour la communication 
CANNES, son palais des Festivals, une dynamique internationale 
After "Understanding and Using the Internet", LAMY / ECHOS editions, in 1999
Eric Gautier wrote "PROJECT MANAGEMENT at university, BOD editions, in 2015 ...
Guide pédagogique pour les étudiants
After "Understanding and Using the Internet", LAMY / ECHOS editions, in 1999
Eric Gautier wrote "PROJECT MANAGEMENT at university, BOD editions, in 2015 ...
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Eric Gautier
PR Manager invests more in médiactives relations, motors of the new networks of influence for business. SEO, social media and applications represent new territories to better communicate with its target. & Nbsp; Defend the interests of our customers, offering them new solutions for PR MANAGER everyday commitments ...
4 rue Féllegara
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PR MANAGER offers service 24H / 24 to track your sensitive communication actions ...
An expert in crisis communication, our teams offer an immediate crisis cell and effective operational actions.
URGENT number: ERIC GAUTIER +33 6 85 56 24 66